Can I manage my subscription myself? Yes, from your customer portal, once the subscription is purchased, you'll be able to pause and resume; change your order dates as well as order frequency.

Where do you deliver? Subscriptions include free delivery and are therefore limited to Toronto only.

When will the flowers be delivered? You can decide this yourself but it will be automatically set to start from the date purchased.

How long will the flowers last? Because my flowers are purchased locally, and regularly they are always very fresh. I like to include some delicate and dainty blooms along with more hardy blooms, so the bouquet lifespan will typically range between 5-10 days.

Will the flowers look the same each month? Not at all! All arrangements are prepared custom by me, no two are the same. My designs are constantly evolving. Please feel free to specify in the notes if you have a preferred colour pallet in terms or bright colours vs pastel.

If you have any other questions please call me 647-406-4422 or email info@whitebrickflorals.com